Episode 153-

Daya khatub is passing through the forest with the
chariot, & is attacked by thieves, who beat and robbed her. Ibrahim meets Nigar at night and says that it is all
over between them because khazeena suspects on him.
Nigiar seeing him to leave, asks him not to leave her & that she needs her
because she has something important to tell him, but Ibrahim does not pay attention & leaves her saying that matrakchi will look after her. The man ,idris agha who follows him, sees everything. Daya khatun , in a bad condition, finds shelter in Nigar’s home.Next day Hurrem is
paniced when she hears from mihrimah that Mustafa took his brothers to the forest house . Valida learns from idris agha, that in the evening, Ibrahim came out of Nigar’s home & that they r in relationship and she remains speechless!.Valida is now aware of the relationship between
Ibrahim and Nigar and asks Sumbul agha to inform
Suleiman that she wants to see him. When Sumbul agha tells her that Sultan had left early and he is not in the palace, she orders to call him when he returns
immediately. Valida asks to see Nigar and when
Nigar goes to Valida’s room, Valida slaps her,
throwing her down! She says that now she has learned everything
about her relationship with Ibrahim pasha and she
wonders how she did such a thing to khazee. Nigar
tells her that everything is slander and Valida,
irritated, tells her that it deserves to take her head off for this shame. Nigar kneels and begs her to be
sorry for her innocent unborn child,valida is more shocked to here about her pregnancy. Valida asks
Sumbul agha to lock nigar, something that caused the
impression of Sumbul, but Nigar says that she
doesn’t know the reason. While Valida wonders
how Ibrahim dared to do this to her daughter,
Ibrahim and khazeena spend beautiful moments
together. When Hurrem learns that Mustafa left with his brothers and that they are not in the palace, she shouts when she sees mustafa has put his sword on mehmet’s neck but in real they were just playing with sword & hürrem misunderstood. she gets frightened. Mehmet wonders why his mother is scared. Hurrem attacks Mustafa saying
that he wants to kill his brothers and Mustafa tells
her that he is not like her and he does not want to
spoil his hands with his brother’s blood, but he will
never forget that she killed his beloved and his
unborn child. When she asks him to see her
children, Mustafa shows them with Suleiman.
Sultan is glad to see hürrem and tells her that he wanted to spend time with his children. The guard
informs the Sultan that Valida sultan wants to talk to him immediately. Fiden khatun informs Mah e dora that Valida sultan
ordered Sumbul to lock Nigar. Gul agha tries to free
Nigar but Sumbul prevents it. Khazeena comes to valida says Valida
that she was unfair accusing Ibrahim for injustice
and in difference and that they are well together now..valida is upset for khazeena bcz she is unaware from the truth.

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