Episode 155-

Matrakchi Tells nigar that Valida is in serious condition & not well and Daya khatun listens to it.Fatma khatun secretly listens to Gukshah talking to some agha about daya’s incident,that agha gives daya khatun’s gold coins that they robbed from her,it comes out that Gulshah was behind Daya khatun’s incident. Nigar & Daya khatun goes together to the palace to see valida and meet Mah e dora who gets angry when she sees them & orders gulshah to kick out Daya khatun from here..
Hurrem goes to ibrahim’s palace to see khazeena and there she sees Ibrahim’s throne. Hurrem asks khazeena to allow daya khatun to come back until Valida recovers, but khazeena says
that only Sultan can give such an order.Matrakchi informs ibrahim that idris agha was following him n he told valida about his affair. .Idris agha came to khazeena sultan to tell her something important but khazeena says not now,later..hürrem gets curious n asks idris agha that what is that important he wants to tell..idris agha is about to tell her about ibrahim’s affair but suddenly ibrahim appears n order idris agha to go outside & the guards suddenly arrests idris agha on the order of ibrahim pasha & kills him maybe . Gulshah is outside with Daya khatun m says her if she apologize from her,she will allow daya to die peacefully,Daya khatun spits on her n says never & goes back wishes for valida for her good health & long life.Suleiman is sitting beside valida n remembers when he was young ,on Eid day when suleiman’s father sultan salim sent him a gown as an eid gift & valida understood that something is not right with that gown..she saved suleiman from wearing that bcz it was poisoned by his own Father, on that day Suleiman lost his father’s love forever but still he misses him,mustafa come to his father, suleiman says that he is afraid but not from death, afraid of loosing his valida.Fatma khatun informs Mah e dora that Gulshah paid to attack and steal Daya khatun and Mah e dora, furious, throws away Gulshah, saying that she does not want to see her
anymore and puts Fatma in Gulsah’s place. Hurrem
manages to get the approval of Suleiman in order to allow Daya to come back to the palace. Suleiman agrees with hürrem.

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