Episode 156-

Ibrahim calls nigar & says to her to gather her stuff, because he will send her to his brother, but Daya khatun does not let her go, saying that
Ibrahim wants to get rid of her.gulshah again comes to mah e dora n infroms her that sultan ordered to bring Daya khatun back to heram,mah e dora is not pleased to hear that n says gulshah to get out from her room. Nigar tells daya that ibrahim is sending her to his brother. Next day nigar is happy to listen about
Daya’s khatun’s return, embraces Gula Agha . Valida in bed,opens her eyes.The news that Valida opened her eyes, come to the harem and Nigar, fearful, runs to pick up her stuff to leave but sumbul agha sees her n informs her that sultan is calling her.. Hurrem is glad, in realizing that there is no
need for anyone to take care of the harem and
Mah e dora feels Hurrem lucky for this.
Unfortunately Valida is paralyzed after a stroke and can not speak, except to move her eyes.Nigar scares that may be sultan has
learned about her relationship with Ibrahim but sultan says her to tell mah e dora that for sometime mah e dora is incharge of heram. Leaving Sultan’s room, Nigar meets Hurrem and
Mah e dora and announces Sultan’s decision, Mah e dora to rule the harem. Hurrem furious, goes
to Suleiman’s room and asks him, how he could
take such a decision and forget so soon, that Valida
sent their children to khazeena ‘s palace, when he was
sick in order to save themselves from Mah e dora.
Suleiman says that he follows the rules and nothing will change his decision. Mah e dora remindes to
Mustafa that she told him that better days will come
for them and Mustafa tells her to stay away from
Hurrem and that this is her greatest punishment.
Mah e dora tells Nigar to remain in her place. When
Valida awakens and they were all gathered around her n wishes for good health n long life n tells her that how much worried they were for her,daya khatun also comes near to valida n valida Is happy to see her..mah e dora is passing through heram n everyone is standing in respect to her..

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