Episode 157-

When all gathered around valida,Gulfem asks valida to give her permission to
Mah e dora to rule the harem. Valida responds
positively closing her eyes. Gulshah notices that
Fatma behaves with arrogance to the harem and
she says that she will become a Sultana, since she is in the harem of Shehzade Mustafa. Mah e dora takes up the
harem, requiring all to be obedient, to respect, to
follow her rules. Those who obey, will have a
Heaven life and those who will not obey, will live in
hell. The first decision of Mah e doea is against
Hurrem by deciding to get rid of all those close
trusted cocunbines of Hurrem. She accuses Gul Agha,that bribes from traders and commands to lock him.When hürrem gets to know about her decision she immediately
invades in mah e dora room , shouts like hell n says that all her
trusted cocunbines will not
leave from here. Mah e dora says that she knows how to rule the harem, as she was always a Sultana, when Hurrem was a slave. Hurrem replies, that she is the legal & real wife of the Sultan Suleiman and Mah e dora is still his
slave. Khazeena hears voices and tells Mah e dora to keep it down & that
Esma should return to her duties. Hurrem asks also
Gul agha to return. When Mah e dora says khazeena that she rules the harem, khazeena irritates, tells her not playing.with her patience as Mustafa’s mother and that
Khazeena is a descendant of the dynasty & she leaves. Sultan
asks Daya khatun what made Valida to come to this
situation and Daya replies that she is unaware of this. Nigar wants to
tell Ibrahim about her pregnancy and Daya khatun reacts negatively .
Mustafa reminds Sultan that he said will soon
talk about his leaving to Manisa for fan e harb and Hurrem interrupts them suddenly. When they stay alone, Hurrem asks
Suleiman, why Mah e dora is still in the palace and
not yet gone with Mustafa to Manisa.Suleiman
refuses to discuss this matter with her, and enters
the room where Sekander jalebi is waiting for him.Sumbul agha scares Gul agha by taking him outside n telling him that his punishment is declared & that his head will cut off,gul agha is frightened badly n his eyes are covered by a band,everyone in heram , laughing on gul agha bcz they know sumbul agha is playing with him, sumbul take Gul agha to mah e dora n she says that she forgives him but now he will only listen to her.
Sekander jalebi says Sultan, that he wants to
inform him of those written by Ibrahim’s order,
because he does not want to give wrong impression
to the enemies about who rules the empire. Sultan
reading that actually Ibrahim rules the empire,sultan is surprised..

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