Mera Sultan Episode 158

Sultan reading that Ibrahim rules the empire, is surprised,but says to Sekandar jalebi, that anything Ibrahim
does, is under Sultan’s order.Sultan says that he gave him that rights so its no big deal. Hurrem listens to their conversation,gul agha comes back to hürrem n asks to talk to sekandar jalebi and tells him he must help her to get rid of Mustafa sending him
in Manisa along with Mah e dora and then to get rid
of Ibrahim. Mah e dora sents gifts to concubines
and Gulshah asks her if she will ever forgive her.
Ibrahim returns and informs sultan. When they
finish, Sultan shows the document that sekander
Jalebi brought to him and asks Ibrahim, if these
words are written, by him. Sultan, warns him that if
he excees the limits knowing that Suleiman as easy kills enemies, so easy can kill friends.khazeena is
irritated that everybody in the harem in laughing and
have fun while Valida is still sick and Gulshah says
that Fatma ordered that. Then later Fatma attacks on Gulshah & both fight like wild cats.nigar,sumbul & gul agha stops them.
Ibrahim asks sekander jalebi how he dared to
show his documents to the Sultan and jalebi says
that he did it for clarification, to be more
concievable to the enemies.Then Ibrahim wonders
if he wants to become the grand Vizier ,doing such things.
Gulshah ask muftun agha for his help to kill fatma khatun & pays muftun agha but when he attacks on Fatma she offers him more money than gulshah & to let her go n they fool gulshah..later gulshah asks muftun agha that did he kill her,he says yes but then he asks for more gold but gulshah didn’t have more so then he tries to rape gulshah n at that moment fatma bring nigar kalfa over there n she sees gulshah with muftun agha..ibrahim gets the news from matrakchi that sakander jalebi is again in a meeting with sultan.

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