The Turkish drama series spreading like fire, ‘Mera Sultan’ originally known as ‘Muhteşem Yüzyıl’ meaning
‘Magnificent Century’,is a Historical fiction & a Biography on Sultan Suleyman’s life who was the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman empire.Series contains Total 4 Seasons .Drama has earned itself quite a reputation.This drama started from 5 january 2011 in Turkey & still its season 4 which is the final season , is going on in Turkey while in Pakistan it started from 15 May 2013 & will proceed till 2014.This drama is Internationally broadcasted in 54 countries & is dubbed according to every country’s official language. The awesome cinematography,
melodramatic script amplified by the amazing sets and direction teleports you back to that fantastic
tenure of kingdom. I have it from best sources that
even the male population is watching this soap opera.
If the captivating history it tells does not interest
them, the divas definitely do instead!

Meryem Uzerli (Hürrem) happens to be the biggest star for obvious reasons!
It has earned disapproval from the ‘Ghairat Brigade’
including the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who severely criticized the series. Historians and journalists are not impressed by the failing accuracy and perception of the great Ottoman Ruler Sultan Suleyman. Hence, it got even more buzz,that being said, fact remains it has taken the world by storm!,Not only Turkish audience but all muslims and all non muslims alike have taken a great shine to it. By the time when 6th episode was aired, blogs and websites.had gone crazy over the details of costumes and baffled by the magnificent cast itself.

Mera Sultan takes us through the life of the Great
Ottoman Ruler, whose victories on battlefield rival
those of the Great Alexander himself, from a more.personal perspective. Wars and such are mentioned.though not the main focus. The prime stage is the.Harem of the Sultan and the great personalities who influenced his life.
Although there are beauties like Valida-e-Sultan and
Khazina Sultan,Hürrem sultan,Mah e dora sultan,Nigar kalfa,Princess Isabella fortuna,Princess Aybige,firuze khatun,Shah sultan,Beyhan sultan & many more, & what really comes down to is the
tug of war between Team Mah e Dora Team and Team
Hürram. Personally everyone knows of my fetish for redheads so it may not come as a surprise when I
side with Huram’s character. However, the first few
episodes when Hürrem was still garbed in peasant
cloths she didn’t look like much. But once in that
fabulous red dress with that cleavage I am pretty sure
I know how Sultan Suleyman felt. No wonder he forgot about every other beautiful and willing consorts available in his palace.

For all the people who are interested in a less
censored version of the series may find them online or.apps for their i-pads and such. Let me simply say the
cleavages aren’t the only action your missing
During every episode one is at the edge of the seat
holding breath for dear life to see Hürrem Sultan out
manuever every trap and obstacle coming out on top,
But I suppose the audience loves that her beauty is
parralleled by her ambition, the complete package.
Even though not shown in the series Hürrem is on best
of terms with great political figures outside the palace
including Kings. Her documented letters through
history to such Kings show a woman of great intellegence and wit.Although Hürrem Sultan has a great variety of wardrobe my favorite are the red, purple and once yellow gown she wore. It’s safe to say the Sultan went from the skinny Mah e Dora to the more curvy Hürrem .

Mah e Dora on the other hand is in her own right a
great strategist who gives Hürrm run for her money on
several occasions. She has a great corset figure with
that waist which makes you lust after her I wont give
any spoiler alerts on who wins out of the two in the
end but it rather does end tragically as both sides end
up losing people important to them.The plot in my opinion is more interesting than series like Desperate Housewives or The Tudors since all the killing, blaming, jealousy and revenge is on a whole new level. No one is afraid to cross limits to become Queen and moral issues over killing is so out of the window! lolx

The men in this series are not to my taste; baldness
does put one off. However many aunties and girls are
impressed with Sultan Suleyman. The character of Sultan Suleyman is played
to perfection by indeed a great actor ‘Halit Ergenç’ . He not only emanates power through orders but has great expressive blue eyes on that face!. Pargali Ibrahim Pasha has its own unique good looks. Personally older version of Shehzade Mustafa was a disapointment but on the
other hand Malkoçoğlu Bali Bey is one HUNKY man .

In all fairness it’s expected that women will create
havoc and declare war when there is only ONE man to satisfy their sexual hunger in the palace seeing that all male servants within the premises don’t really fall
under that category.

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